SEO Glossary

SEO Glossary and Definitions

Pre-Audit – We conduct a pre-audit to gauge your website’s SEO presence. The information collected will help us create an even more personalized and effective SEO strategy for your website.

Keyword Research – We do extensive research, as well as a 4-stage testing process, to find the best keywords for you. Our process has a proven record of producing keywords that perform extremely well in Google rankings.

Business Directories – We submit your website to relevant online directories where it will be visible to potential customers. The links we place on these directories point directly back to your site, helping build your web authority.

Website Bookmarking – We submit your business information to a bookmarking site. This will help build your website’s authority.

Classified Business Listings – We publish your business information on local classified websites, creating a powerful new avenue to attract customers in your area who are ready to buy.

Article Engagement – Our team submits comments for your business on a website or blog relevant to your industry. This places your business into conversations that expand your brand and online presence.

Onsite Recommendation – Our SEO specialists review your target pages. We compile a list of required updates that will make those pages relevant for your main keywords. This is one of the most important steps to boost your rankings.

Onsite Content Change – We update the elements on your page with proper formatting (tags, descriptions, etc.), ensuring your site is fully optimized for search engine success.

Google Search Console Creation & Installation – We install Google Search Console on your website. It will detect any errors that may occur. It also provides data that helps your SEO Success team ensure your site meets Google’s standards.

Robots.txt Creation & Implementation – We create a robots.txt file and install it into the back end of your website. This will ensure Google receives proper directions on how to index your site.

XML – We create and install an XML sitemap on your site. It details all pages on your website and helps Google recognize the new content you put up so it can be displayed in search engine results pages (SERPs).

Google Analytics Creation & Implementation – Our team installs Google Analytics on your website, giving us access to web traffic and other new data. This will give you a clearer view of your ROI and provide insights to help boost your site’s performance even more.

Schema Tag Implementation – Our SEO Specialists place a schema tag in your website’s code to make sure critical information like reviews, physical address, phone number, etc., appear prominently on search engine results pages. This can improve rankings and click-through rates.

Canonical Tag – Implementation We identify identical pages that can impede rankings if found on your site. To correct the problem, we install a canonical tag on the page we want Google to index.

Google MapsWe integrate Google Maps into your website. Your map can include location markers and contact information to help potential customers find your business location.

Maps Video/Image Integration – Implementation Video and images increase on-page engagement and can help you rank better. Our team places more of these types of items on your site.

Google Local Business Citation – We create and optimize a Google My Business profile, giving it the best chance to stand out and rank in the local maps. This sends a positive signal to Google that you care about your business. It is also used as the basis for other citation submissions or subscriptions.

Local Business Citation Subscription – Our team creates business citations for your website. This sends a signal to Google that your business is prominent on the web and can be trusted to rank in local searches and map results.

SEO Onboarding – After signing up with us, we submit a ticket to conduct an onboarding call with the primary contact at your business. This call will include a discussion of your strategy, keywords, and account setup.

301 Redirect – Implementation If our team finds an old or less active page on your website, we redirect it to a newer and more updated page. This will improve user experience on your site without losing the SEO value of the older page. Our team updates your website’s navigation menu to shorten the path Google bots take as they index your site. The easier your site is to index, the more likely Google is to recommend it.

Onsite Link Optimization – We add a “nofollow” tag to one of the links on your website. This will help build and maintain your site’s authority by ensuring that your outbound links do not leak authority.


Additional Services


Site Speed Optimization – An SEO Specialist performs site speed optimization work on your website, removing the roadblocks that prevent optimal speeds. Google prefers faster sites, so this should contribute to better rankings.

Standard Onsite Copy Creation – Our Content Specialists create new copy for your website. It will strengthen your keyword relevancy and help establish you as an authority in your industry.

Custom Blog Publication – We create and publish a one-of-a-kind, custom blog post on a website relevant to your industry. This can help position you as a thought leader and a solution for potential customers.

Monthly Campaign Update – A member of our SEO Success team will reach out and update you on the status of your campaign every month. The primary contact at your business will be provided with an overview of the work we have done on your behalf over the previous four weeks. Included in all packages.

Aged Article Inclusion – We crawl the web to find relevant articles published within the last few months to few years. We then work with the site owner to get your business mentioned in the article[s] with a link back to your website. This will increase your authority online and should bring more ready-to-buy prospects to your site.

Onsite Broken Link Repair – Our SEO team can repair a broken link on your website. This will prevent your site from falling in the rankings due to too many broken links.

Standard Onsite Blog Post – An experienced writer on our SEO team will write a standard blog post (600 words minimum). It should help bring in an online following that can convert to sales.

Standard Infographic Creation and Syndication – We create an infographic for you and share it to 10 infographic directories. This will help bring in a bigger audience for your business and diversify your content (an important factor in Google rankings).

Custom Article Publication – We post an article for your business in an online publication relevant to your industry. It helps show Google that you’re a trusted source people are talking about.

Offsite Content Marketing – We write and post content in your name to a relevant industry site. This references your business and website, showing Google that you’re a trusted source people are talking about.

Premium Road Map Creation – A member of your Premium SEO Success team creates a customized road map for your campaign that outlines all the available tasks you could potentially see during your campaign.

Premium SEO Audit – We conduct a Premium SEO audit on your site to identify areas for improvement. It may be followed by website updates that will greatly increase your chances of being found by Google.

Premium Monthly Campaign Update – We generate and send a premium monthly campaign update to you via email. It includes a custom report of campaign progress and activity, as well as any recommended changes to strategy.

Premium Onsite Blog Post – An experienced writer on the SEO team writes a premium blog post (800 words minimum) which should help bring in an online following that can convert to sales.

Premium Preliminary Audit – Your Premium Account Manager audits your website to measure its SEO performance. With this information we can set up your account and create a road map for success.

Premium Onsite Copy Creation – We create premium copy and content (words, images, and/or video) for your website. It will strengthen your keyword relevancy and help establish you as an authority in your industry.