The Importance of Local SEO

Why it matters

Local SEO (Local Search Engine Optimization), is a way to market your l local business online and ensure you reach local customers at the exact time they’re looking for you online.

Everybody knows about the “always online” world we live in today, and the biggest driver of this is the mainstream adoption of smartphones. You can’t go outside without seeing a person on the sidewalk hunched over, staring at their phone.

When people think of an online world they normally think of huge global companies like Amazon and Airbnb. What people often overlook is how this change has affected the landscape for local businesses. The truth is that the customer journey for local businesses has had a major shakeup in the last few years.

The old approach for local businesses would be to invest in traditional advertising like print and telemarketing, but these mediums no longer work for them. People looking for a local business today will simply Google what they’re looking for when they want it – when it’s most convenient for them, not anyone else.

Show up in "near me" searches

High-performing local businesses have figured out just how important investing in local search marketing actually is: a recent study by Google found that SMBs that are making the most use of online are 2.8 times more likely to enjoy revenue growth than those who do not.

On the other hand, over half a million businesses in the US close every year. One of the biggest reasons companies struggle is because they simply fail to adapt their businesses to succeed in this new online-first landscape.

So what we do is we help companies make that transition. Out ultimate goal is to help you generate more leads online, whether that’s by getting more phone calls, emails or walk-ins.

We help our clients through a practice called local search optimization or “local SEO”. This helps their businesses rank higher on Google when people are searching for their services. These are the kinds of leads that everybody wants because they’re self-qualified and have a genuine need for your services.

Any business that serves customers in a specific location needs local SEO. 

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