When You'll Start Seeing Results

First 30 Days

During the first month, we lay a strong foundation for your campaigns success.

This includes:

  • Initial Campaign Set Up
  • Keyword Optimization
  • Website Optimization
  • Business Profile Development
  • Dashboard Performance Reports

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2-5 Months

Keywords begin to move up the rankings.

We act as an online marketing extension of your business, promoting it everywhere your customers search.

You will experience keyword fluctuation as Google starts to recognize your website.

We work on optimizations and link building to build your website s trust and relevance.

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6-9 Months


Once reaching page one for your selected keywords, we want to keep them there!

We continue working hard to ensure your campaign maintains top page rankings, while nurturing and elevating more keywords to help you rise above your competition.

Note: Implementing our keyword recommendations is the key to success we know how to target the right keywords for your business so you get optimal results!

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9+ Months

Stay ranking and expand your reach!

We build on your success. Now that you have Google s attention and your online presence is growing, we continue to leverage this momentum and optimize for new keywords.

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What Happens to Your Keyword Rankings When You Cancel SEO?

SEO is like going to the gym or practicing an instrument. If you miss a few days, you re not going to see a massive difference in your skill level. But over time, as muscle strength and memory decline, you lose your ability.

For SEO, stopping a campaign wont make a difference right away. However, typically after six months of ending an SEO campaign, a website s keywords drop off the first page of Google – sometimes even out of the top 10 pages. Stopping SEO is a slow slide back to the bottom.

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