Keyword Optimization

Our Keyword Selection Process: Initial Research

Once a new client is entered in LaunchPad, our SEO Specialists will conduct extensive research on your client’s business.


We research your client’s industry, compiling lists of keywords people search for within that industry to strongly position your client against their competitors.

Competitive research is also conducted and taken into account for possible gains in keyword positioning.


We research trends so we can craft regional keyword phrases that will drive as much traffic to your client’s website as possible.


We examine your client’s website and discover more about their business. Their input is very important to the success of their SEO campaign. Knowing what your client does, why they do it, who their clientele is, and how they position their products/services gives us invaluable insight into selecting the right keywords.

4 Stage Keyword Quality Vetting Process

When research is complete, we’ll have a list of strong keywords for your client’s campaign. To select the strongest keywords from that list, we put each keyword through a rigorous system of testing and scoring in four key categories. We interpret searcher intent”—the action searchers intend to take for each keyword.

This helps us identify people who are more likely to come to your client’s site ready to make a purchase rather than targeting users who are simply looking for information.

Intent to Buy

We look at your client’s budget, compare it to the keywords on their list, and select ones in the right price range we want to make sure there is enough budget to fund the amount of work necessary for a successful campaign.


We look through your client’s list of keywords to identify any they might already be starting to rank for (i.e. not on the first page). These will take priority as we make final keyword selections.

Competitvely Balanced Current Rankings

Instead of looking for keywords with the most search activity around them, we choose words and phrases with enough activity to drive significant traffic to your client’s site, but not so much activity that they’re too competitive to rank for.

We take all these factors into consideration and choose keywords that have the best chance of reaching the first page of Google in 6+ months. 86% of our clients get on the first page of Google.

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