What Is Organic Traffic?

Organic rankings, or organic presence refers to the footprint size a business has built in the online world. Specific to SEO, a business’s organic presence gets measured by how often search engines deem their site as one of the top answers for information related to the services or products they offer.

You can think of any business’s organic presence as their ongoing relationship with Google. But you might be asking yourself, why does my or my customer’s relationship with this tech giant matter? It’s because searchers trust Google

It’s in Google’s best interest to provide the best answer to every single search query typed in. And as a result, with increased internet use year to year, consumers trust search engine results more than any other informational resource available to them.

Bottom line, organic rankings bring in more customers. They’re the unpaid results that show up at the top of a Google search when you type in a query. Achieving organic rankings is the bread and butter of internet search results. And because of that, organic rankings are highly competitive.