The Key to Conquering Map Packs

The key to conquering local SEO

What is a “‘Map Pack”?

As search engines scour the web, Google, Bing, Yahoo, and others will return search quer es with a list of the top two or three closest businesses that be t fulfill the request of the consumer.

Physical businesses at the top of the search results under the map are known collectively as a ‘map’ or ‘local pack’. Search engines provide crucial information about each of the businesses in the pack, giving them a competitive edge 

Building a strong foundation

Searches Near You​

Best practices have broken map pack ranking into two categories: and Foundational work gives you the authority search engines look for first when answering a query. Competitive difference maker methods are used to bring your business closer to the top of the list and score you a better spot on the map pack leaderboard.

Foundational Factors

GMB OptimizationGoogle My Business (GMB) directly integrates with Google and Google map searches. The more accurate your information, the more likely you are to appear closer to the top.

Citations – Uploading your and to business citation sites can help search engines recognize your business as a fully operational entity.

Location – Your business location in relation to the searcher will be a huge factor in your appearance on a map pack. Make sure you have a GMB setup and that the information is up to date. This will help you with Google’s SERPs.

Competitive Difference Makers

Reviews – Just like social media, Google and other search engines watch for engagement as they determine result ranks. Updated business profiles and new reviews  show Google that you are an active, popular business.

Domain Authority – Repeated, specific business claims increase your authority on a given topic. List your business on as many local business profile directories as you can.

Inbound links – Improve your chance of being mentioned by local stakeholders by engaging with the community.  Consider marketing to local:

Chamber of commerce

Fairs, charities, and fundraisers

Online communities

Non-competing local businesses


Results that are delivered through an aggressive SEO strategy to ensure that your business shows up on the first page of Google.

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