30 Best SEO Tools You Need To Know

With the global pandemic significantly remodeling the online marketplace, search engine optimization (SEO) has become more crucial than ever.

Now, it’s entirely up to business owners to make the most of this digital surge to accelerate revenue and scale their businesses. Now is the time to reinforce your digital marketing campaigns and extend your search engine optimization efforts. 

Given the changing consumer behavior, consider investing in the best SEO tools available out there. Why? Well, for starters, a full suite of incredible SEO tools can make seemingly impossible tasks possible and make our lives a lot simpler.

With SEO being an essential part of marketing these days, new software solutions are being introduced to help you get your website among the top search engine results. Although, it can be quite intimidating for someone who is just stepping out in the digital world.

However, to make your task easier, I have broken down some of the best SEO tools for you. But before that, let’s see what SEO tools can do for you and your business.

Why use SEO tools?

  • SEO tools save you from the tedious task of keyword research and data analysis.
  • With these tools, you can see what’s working and which parts of your marketing strategy could benefit you with some tweaking. 
  • The best SEO tools present reports about where you are compared to your competitors and where the most incredible opportunities lie. 
  • If you’re handling more than one website, SEO tools can help you evaluate each site’s performance on the go. 

Best SEO tools for 2022

Mastering SEO optimization can be tricky, especially if you have just started out. Luckily, finding the best SEO tools is simpler. So, if you are looking for some of the best SEO tools, then you are in the right place.  

We have come up with the best SEO tools that will definitely help you in your SEO. And the cherry on the cake? Well, the tools are categorized based on what functionality they offer, so you can simply jump to the area you want to improve in.

So let’s roll!

Keyword Research Tools 

Keyword Planner

Keyword planner is certainly one of the best and widely used free keyword research tools. In fact, it can be an excellent tool for learning about keyword research and getting it right.

This tool offers two options: Find Keywords and Get Search Volume and Forecasts. The tool takes the keyword you input and provides you with some keyword suggestions, statistics about your competitors, average monthly searches, etc. You can also add the website URL or domain page to get keyword suggestions.


Keyword Explorer

Ahrefs tools are my personal favorite and are perfect for every SEO need. Ahrefs keyword explorer provides deep insights like accurate search volumes, keyword difficulty score, advanced SEO metrics, and a lot more. 

Besides, it can show information from different search engines and countries. However, it is a paid tool. 


SEO PowerSuite

SEO PowerSuite includes powerful keyword research software which allows you to uncover hundreds of profitable keywords. It combines over 20 research methods, from Google Keyword Planner to autosuggestions, keyword gaps, TF-IDF explorer, and more.

The software provides SEO data: search volume, competition, keyword difficulty, CPC, etc., to estimate whether it’s worth optimization efforts or you better bid on PPC advertising.

There is a SERP Analysis checker that compares the top 50 competing pages for a keyword and gives clues to which ranking factors are more important for optimization — page strength, the keywords, backlinks, or domain authority. Though being a paid tool, Rank Tracker allows using most of the methods unlimited and free of charge.

Keyword Analyzer 

Keyword Analyzer by Neil Patel is also one of the best keyword discovery tools. Just enter the keyword, and it will provide you keyword ideas.  It shows metrics like search volume, CPC, paid difficulty, and SEO difficulty. 

Keyword Analyzer will display around 25 to 30 keyword ideas in the free version and is restricted to only three searches per day. However, you will have to buy the premium version for more ideas.  


Answer the Public

Answer the public is one of the best free tools. This tool is best for generating content ideas, as it provides you with all kinds of search queries. Besides, it shows questions, prepositions, comparisons, and relevant keywords and phrases.



Soovle is a simple but handy keyword research tool. It is a customizable engine that combines the suggestion services from all the major search engines in one place. In case you are out of ideas, this tool can help you find different keywords on different search engines.soovle

On-page SEO Tools

Counting Characters Google SERP Tool

The Counting Characters Google SERP tool comes in handy when you want to check the length of your page’s meta title and meta description or how your page title, description, and URL will look in the SERP. This tool shows a preview of your page in the SERP.


Structured Data Testing Tool

Structured data testing tool checks structured data or rich snippets on a webpage irrespective of whether it is online, on an intranet, or behind a password-protected page. This is a wonderful tool by Google if you want to validate your web page’s structured data. 


Ahrefs SEO Toolbar

Ahrefs SEO Toolbar is an extension tool available for google chrome and Mozilla Firefox. This tool, when installed, will analyze the webpage for redirects, broken links, no-follow links, and other SEO metrics. 


Google Tag Manager 

With Google Tag Manager, you can quickly manage all your website tags without editing code, and that too for free. Google Tag Manager offers a simple and easily integrated tag management solution. Besides, it allows you to update tags on your website or mobile app easily and lets you manage a website’s tags efficiently. 

Rich Results Test

If you want to check if your website supports rich results, you can check it using Google’s Rich Results Test tool, which allows you to find rich results for your website. The Rich Results Test tool allows site owners to check whether their markup is implemented correctly or not.


Link Building Tools 

Ahrefs’ Backlink Checker 

This tool can help you snoop your competitor’s backlinks. Ahrefs Backlink checker shows the top 100  backlinks, top 5 anchors, top 5 most linked pages of any website or webpage. 


Ahrefs’ Broken Link Checker 

This tool is an excellent tool to find broken links on any website.  It can help you find broken links on your website and restore them. Besides, it can also help in link-building opportunities by finding broken links of your competitor.


Find That Lead 

Find That Lead is a very useful tool for finding the email addresses of the site owners. This tool needs the name of the person you are looking for and the domain.  Enter these in the tool, and it will find the email address for you. This is a paid tool, but it gives few free trials. 


Voila Norbert 

Voila Norbert is also an email-finding tool. Just enter the name and domain of the person you are looking for, and it will find the email address. Though it is a paid tool; however, it gives 50 leads for free.


Technical Tools

Deep Crawl

If you are looking for an SEO tool that helps you in your business growth, helps your website rank for your selected keywords, and finds and fixes SEO errors, then Deep Crawl is one of the best tools.  It scans all the web pages, checks various SEO metrics like H1 Tags, broken links, internal and external links. Deep Crawl is a paid tool, though. 


Screaming Frog SEO Spider 

Screaming Frog SEO Spider is undoubtedly one of my favorite tools for scanning web pages for finding on-page errors. The free version can scan up to 500 pages; however, if you have a website with lots of pages, you should consider buying the paid version.


Google Search Console

Google Search Console is another mandatory tool. It helps website owners understand the performance of their website and provides coverage reports. Google Search Console can be used to submit sitemaps to inform google bots about your new pages. It also includes information on what queries your site is ranking, which can be used for content purposes.

Woorank Site Crawl 

Woorank’s Site Crawl is a paid website analysis tool that generates website SEO health reports. It gives a score based on your website’s performance. It also provides SEO guidelines that need to be followed to improve SEO performance.


Rank Tracking Tools


Ubersuggest by Neil Patel is a very powerful and one of best SEO ranking tools. It also has the feature to add keywords and track their ranking regularly. It includes data on various metrics like average position, ranking distribution, and visibility trends. Besides, it provides information for both desktop and mobile.



SEranking is an overall SEO tool. It allows you to create projects in which you can add your target keywords. The tool will automatically check your ranking and provide you with a report.  Besides, you can also add up to 5 competitors to check where they are ranking for the targeted keywords. Additionally, it also provides a site audit report.    

Ahrefs SERP Checker 

Ahrefs SERP Checker is a free tool. It shows SEO metrics like the number of backlinks, traffic, number of unique domains linking, domain rating, and URL rating for the first three results. However, details of the remaining results can be unlocked in the paid version.


Small SEO tools 

Small SEO tools’ keyword rank checker is a free tool to check keyword position on Google SERP. It can show the position of 10 keywords at a time just by entering the keywords and domain.


Authority Labs

Authority Labs is a paid keyword tracking tool. It is a powerful rank tracking tool that shows daily local results and also allows global tracking. The Plus plan can show data of at least 250 keywords.

Analytics Tools

Google Analytics

Google Analytics is an incredible tool provided by Google. This tool is essential for enhancing website traffic and for the growth of the business. It can help track the most vital information related to the website like landing pages, bounce rate, exit pages,  device users use to visit the website, conversion, and much more. 

Data Studio 

Data Studio allows us to gather information from various sources like google analytics, Search Console, data from the spreadsheet. It helps you to analyze and report website performance. It is the best tool if you want to prepare a report for your client.

Panguin Tool 

Panguin SEO Tool is perhaps one of the best free Search Engine Optimization tools available out there. It tells the impacts and outcomes of every Google algorithm update on your website. Besides, it offers a long list of amazing features to help you make results-driven improvements to your website


Keyword Hero 

Keyword Hero lets you see all your organic keywords and their particular performance metrics on your Google Analytics account. The tool presents super-specific performance metrics for organic keywords, allowing you to monitor their performance over time. Besides, you can view sessions, conversion rates, revenue, etc., for each keyword.


Site Audit Tools


SEOptimer is definitely one of the best SEO audit tools which review a website thoroughly in under 30 seconds. This Website Audit & Reporting tool scans and reports on the critical factors that the Search Engines care about while ranking a page and things that matter to users, like page load speed and mobile usability. 


Sitechecker pro

Sitechecker is an easy-to-use SEO tool that tracks and improves your search visibility. It is a must-have SEO tool for website owners, marketing agency owners, SEO experts, and product managers. Sitechecker displays all the crucial statistics for all websites on a single dashboard. 


SEO site checkup

SEO Site Checkup intends to make search engine optimization (SEO) easy by providing simple, professional-quality SEO analysis and critical SEO monitoring for websites. It provides an easy-to-understand and extensive set of SEO tools to help you understand your website from a search engine perspective.  You can comprehend how a search engine may interpret your site in only a few seconds and a few clicks. 

Wrapping Up

There you go, folks! Trust me, the best SEO reporting tools and best SEO ranking tools on this list are gold. They will provide you insights that would have otherwise taken ages to generate. 

However, you will need to put in the work to get the results you desire. That means delivering content that’s SEO optimized, and taking what you’ve acquired from these SEO tools, and making improvements accordingly. 

Don’t worry if you’re on a budget, as most of these SEO tools offer free features or trials that you can play around with. So, it doesn’t require anything else but your efforts to try them out. 

Find out what you need to fix to rank higher in SERPs and skyrocket your growth. So, what are you waiting for? Your success depends on you. Take the next step now and download your free guide!